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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hell Spirals

Hell Spirals are a form of mystik path that acts as a ‘gate’ or ‘pathway’ to other places, times or realities is a Hell Spiral. These are a form of ‘gate’ created by exceedingly powerful individuals in a 13-hour ritual that requires a lesser demon to be bound into it forever. Otherwise, it will last just a day, and once opened, is open both ways. Such creations are usually carved or painted and hurt the eyes if looked upon for a long period of time. A person wishing to utilize this means of travel must step onto the outside point of the spiral, always looking down to where his feet will go next. A person must then proceed along the lambent spiral track, never wavering, and never trying to stop or go back. If a person does—disaster! A Hell Spiral’s maker always has a 100% chance of successfully walking the ‘pathway’; others are not so blessed have anything from a ten to 100% chance, depending on their individual power. Regardless of success or failure these paths are trod by the denizens of limbo, the hells and other dimensional realities—encounters are frequent, and typically deadly. Walk these with the greatest of care for to failure to traverse the length of the Hell Spiral brings on a chance of death, insanity, horrible aging, blindness or a trip to a dimension altogether inimical.

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