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Friday, February 10, 2012

Giving Experience

In the AE book I suggested an idea of 1 EPS per game session.  Now, I did this because I enjoy long games and have had for the last couple of years a very stable group.

You could easily give 2, 3 or even more EPS, just keep in mind that it very much accelerates your players.  Sometimes that what's you want so its appropriate.  Other times its not.  To keep from widely varying your EPS gifting I suggest you determine a method you can share freely with your players and stick to it.

As a note, giving more than 3 EPS seems to really destabilize characters.  Allowing them to ascend too rapidly means players jump over and lose attachment to important abilities they gain with secrets.  Keep this strongly in mind.


  1. I figure give out 2-3 exp for awhile if the characters are working together and meeting goals then taper down to 1-2 and then 1 per session. That way the characters get a bit fleshed out, but the experience still tapers off before they have everything they want. Just my two cents:)

  2. Sounds like a good approach. I admit I use advancement bonuses to reward players, especially for good RP or just good teamwork/smarts. EPS I keep for very special moments or exquisite RP. I admit, however, that I'm known to be stingy in that regard.

  3. I hadn't thought of using the advancement bonus. But to be honest it seemed like every round of combat someone was criting or fumbling and getting to up a skill. I am sure that will seem like a large reward once the players skills are up to a point that adv is very had on the skills.

  4. Its a balance thing. Use it at your discretion. Often I use it to accentuate a player's death, sort of allowing for an epiphany on someone or the entire party's as part of the death moment.

    Of course I've gotten more cinematic in my game play than the old days.

  5. Just curious, do you limit the crit/fumble to one roll per game session? Or an advancement chance everytime?

  6. Nope. I allow a roll with no modifications (dice only) each time. Its a house rule though I find it useful.