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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A choice upon a quest

Kain, ever the changing, ever the unrepentant was given the following choice for his17th battle of the Rite of 1000 battles.

Mighty Kain, sullen bearer of the mark of the gods, hear my voice.  You walk with the blood of beasts in your fists.  Beneath your feet are trod the cobblestones of war, each step a battle that hammer out the one thousand.

Whither where you go?

Shall your boots walk to the cool shadow of Skull Tower, among the shrouded trees and macabre shadows?  To where a ruby red spider, the size of Seven waits, sitting on a massive sprawling web.  Beware the bones, oh brave one, beware the bones.  Or will it be to the slopes of the Prismatic Mountains, in the great height?  Where, on a ledge of pure gold hue, is a moving metal beast; all angles, sharp edges and glittering lights. It moves, ungainly but sure, up the slope towards a crumbling star and hammer shaped stone foundations.  Will it be the target of your merciless swords?  Or shall it be a more humanoid one, one forged my Helidore's hammer?  Who trains on the same said slopes as the metal beast, spinning hammers and maces as stone obstacles and traps are overcome.  Whose harsh training will prevail?

What road do you walk, faithless one?

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