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Monday, February 13, 2012

Blue Wagon Run (Arduin to Falohyr)

An example trade route for those interested.  I'll be posting a few others as time permits as well.  I'd had a request to post a couple as examples for folks.
Nythaarna to Falondé Blue Wagon Run (Arduin to Falohyr)
Prerequisites: Arduin Guild members only
Factors: One-way. If the person running the trade route is a Bonded* Merchant* with a Gold standard business, the route is a two-way route (optional). Return route:
Start TD 100
Investment Capitol of 50 Gold Wealth
Time allotted d4+3
Destination TD 125
Market is Fresh Water Fish, Noble Grain, Prince Seedlings and Dwarf Trees.
All route bonuses +10 for return.
Risk: 8% per day of active travel
Start TD: 75
Investment Capitol: 30 Gold Wealth
Time allotted: d6+5 days
Market: Silk, Gems, Metals, Oil
Destination TD: 100
Variance: Roll d6.
On a 1 – 3, Start and Destination TD are +2 tiers and capitol investment triples.
On a 4 – 6, Start and Destination TD are –1 tier and capitol investment is half normal.
Route Bonus: +20 to %Coin, +d10 to Merchant* (must already have a positive value), +2d10 Business trust, +30% FMV
All listed prices in equipment or the indexes given are the sale prices. Reduce them using the Mark Up Table to determine the base selling price from the source. Feel free to vary this as needed for individual nations, fiefdoms, towns, or along whatever lines you desire.
*indicates a social motif is required.

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