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Thursday, February 16, 2012

AE Bandit stats

BANDITS (50% 2-20; 30% 5d8 of them acting as a group; 20% 2d100)
Description: Can be drawn from any race but typically human.
Ad: 7 Move: 24 Fe: 53
Ref: 9 PER: 38 Di: 33
S: 10 Dodge: 10 Sh: 29
Sz: 8 CF: 25 P/V: 37
M: 11 COORD: 18 DEF: 46 (DR: 2)
C: 17 BODY: 29 MD: 44 (MR: 3)
W: 16 MA: 20 PD: 51 (PR: 12)
R: 9 LEAD: 24

E: 14 APT: 36 Quick Rank: 10
Eg: 13 HP: 48

Ch: 11

Skills: Ac: 13, Ath: 38, Cl: 41, Co: 26, Gu: 8, Int: 16, Lo: 14, Mec: 11, Med: 7, Re: 32, Ri: 5, Uw: 42, Wi: 31
Secrets: Terrain Familiarity [local area], Improvised Weapon [Co]
Tactics: Bandits use one or all of Ambush, Hit and Run (+2), or Swarm (+2) tactics. Most are Cowardly and Destructive. Such bandits roam in packs and use greater numbers and advance information to succeed. Highwaymen are Stealthy Ambush and Hit and Run (+3) attackers who use their smarts and quickness to carry the day.

  • Bandits come from many backgrounds and have skill in a profession or path, usually (90%) Warrior with 3d10 skill ranks in the profession/path skill and an equivalent spread of skill in Core skills and half in Favored skills for the path/profession. Additionally, Bandits have one secret for every 10 skill ranks (round up) in their profession/path. Bandits use Ability Advancement [Range: 1 – 20, Skill: 32, Secret: 1, Time: 5x2].
  • Bandits steal for food, slaves, goods or due to a lack of an ethical and moral compass. Sometimes its both to one degree or another.
  • Bandits met will be outfitted chaotically, with items or completely random quality. Bandits will only keep what they can travel fast in and rarely are seen in other than leather or studded leather if they wear armor at all.

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