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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ynyzer’s Sign

Also called Janguir’s bite (in Falohyr, Khorsar and Bossalia) and vulgarly “big-lip, fat-eye” disease in the Undercities. It only arises mostly in those who use spoken magik (of any kind) but sometimes afflicts victims who see or gaze upon magic. Typical affliction starts with a swollen lip or lips and sometimes an or eyes (especially if they have gazed upon powerful magic [OP 15 or higher] when infected). The disease spreads through the body rapidly, peaking within 8 to 54 hours and declining thereafter over a 40 to 88 hours period. However, any exposure to magik worsens the condition and lengthens the affliction by 8 to 40 hours. 

The affliction is caused by small miniscule parasites (invisible to the eye) that infect creatures (living, undead, or dead) and subside off the arcane particles emitted by spoken magic [Runeweave or Runesong does not emit any particles and does not support these creatures]. Its mortality rate is a flat 5% during the first 8-hour period but rises by 5% for each additional 8 hours that passes. Exposure to sun light (natural only) reduces the mortality rate in half for that period. 

This disease is particularly prominent in the Undercities and the Great Wurm Road.

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