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Friday, January 13, 2012

Understanding the AE Toolbox

If you think of the Arduin Eternal system as a toolbox it may help in understanding the approach I took when building it.

Each option you have, whether under race, culture, profession, skills or elsewhere, is there to make the characters you build seem not only more realistic but different from one incarnation to the other.  If you sit down six guys to make six warriors, in AE the chances of them coming out the same are minuscule.  They will be different, probably in concepts but definitely in the mechanics and background that created them.

The game helps build this when you create the character.  And yes, I understood that in doing so it would lengthen the character creation process.  And equally yes I'm very and completely fine with it.

Its like that saying in the quality assurance world:  Fast, Cheap and Good; now pick two.

Anything good will be either cheap but slow or fast and expensive.  The three never exist as one entity.

So have a good time building characters.  Or make yourself a template that you can follow quickly to rough one together.

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