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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So It Is

At one point David Hargrave published something known as the Arduin Chronicles.  Typewritten and chock full of information, it was a handy and useful Arduin reference.   As it is all but lost to time, I'm reposting it here for everyone to enjoy.

The legend so distant, time hoary and old
speaks of Dark Stars, a universe so cold.

Not yet lit, those lamps of gold joy and star fire,
still black hell writhing, an eon old, evil mire.

Thundering sound, silent though to our kin
for they had not yet, nay had not ever been.

That which was, is ever and twill be,
the dark which must wait, for you and for me.

Its reach is such that none may be beyond its reach
and this is the sole lesson, this legend must teach.

For to know that there is such as to darken the night,
is also to know that in balance, there is ever light.

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