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Monday, January 30, 2012

Rites in Arduin Eternal

AE has a special kind of ritual called a rite. 

These rituals are one time use and are always tied to unique or specific circumstances.  For example, The Dance Of The Nine Stars rite can only be performed when nine of the stars found in the constellation Yugora's Maw align in a double triangle formation.  A conjunction that occurs only every 13 to 14 thousand years.  The nine star rite also specifies the stars must be visible from the Star Giant's plateau framed by the Millennial Trees that grow there.  Thirdly the ritualistic must bring representatives of the of elements, life and spirit.  Bringing all these elements together at the right time fulfills the requirements for the rite and allows the ritualist to invoke its power.

Rites vary in the power they provide and most often take as much as they give.  Not all of them are as time locked and rigid as the DAnce of the Nine Stars.  Here is an example of a more "loose" rite that martial artists can pursue:

Preq: Expert Martial Artist, Life Pool [Martial Artist], Spec Ceremony, Expert Style, Trd Channel
Must seek out a Gravity Chuul in the upper atmosphere of Khaas and battle it, using nothing else but your martial arts.  You must strike to its center, ripping out the core to take into yourself. The task must be done alone, with no outside help (for the battle, at least) and with nothing but your style and abilities. Once you have taken its heart, you Channel it within (TD 50) to finish the rite. It takes 2d12 weeks to acclimate to its addition to your body. Add +2 ESS immediately.  You also gain access to special secrets.

I've skipped on putting out all the secrets as it would take too much space and I only wanted to provide an example.  Never fear, though, it will be released in full later.  Here is one that is much simpler.

Preq: Can only be performed once.
A celebration of life ritual the permanently raises your ESS by d2+2.

This rite is very common for Amarydion priestesses.  As is this one.

Preq:  Amarydion Priest or Saint, 7+ Faith
The rite creates a special bond with the recipient of the rite and the earth.  The rite can be done anywhere as long as contact with the earth is made and 70 Faith expended.  Any number can participate to provide the Faith but only one being will be the focus of the benefits of the rite.  As long as the recipient is in contact with the earth (dirt, rock, vegetation, foliage) they will never stumble, trip, fall or be knocked down unless they elect to do so or the opposing force can beat a TD 500 in an opposed roll. 

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