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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rain Star's Lay

At one point David Hargrave published something known as the Arduin Chronicles.  Typewritten and chock full of information, it was a handy and useful Arduin reference.   As it is all but lost to time, I'm reposting it here for everyone to enjoy.

Harken ye, oh traveller bold,
to my tale of Elven gold.

Entombed on high, mountain bound,
Moontomb waits, seldom found.

Glitter profuse, bejeweled and encrusted,
where the Princess lays, time encrusted.

'ware the laughter of that which waits,
Yet 'ware even more the deadly gates.

Night and doom rings sure and thorned,
of iron and fire, and crescent horned.

Rain Star rewards...

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