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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Quest of the Dark

At one point David Hargrave published something known as the Arduin Chronicles.  Typewritten and chock full of information, it was a handy and useful Arduin reference.   As it is all but lost to time, I'm reposting it here for everyone to enjoy.

The drawing nigh, the reddened dark,
doth enwrap and enfold, the golden mark,
yet ever beats the heart.

So goes doom, fire fall true,
on black behind red and beyond the blue,
louder beats the heart.

Seven steps to seven bells,
black as hate, grim as hell
The heart thunderously throbs;

The door a gate, silver beckoning,
the path is pat the True Tarot's reckoning
Silent is the heart.

Dawn and golden light rises anew,
the green, green and bloody dew
where the still heart lies;

Bring it, burn it and buy my time!

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