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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Quest For An Old Traveler's Bed

At one point David Hargrave published something known as the Arduin Chronicles.  Typewritten and chock full of information, it was a handy and useful Arduin reference.   As it is all but lost to time, I'm reposting it here for everyone to enjoy.

In the days of old walked a gray bent mage
of furrowed brow and time worn frame.
World walker, star traveler, bone weary but sure 
A player in the Great Game.

To his rest, one crystal morn, he came 
within the dread tower of blackened skulls.

There lay he, long centuries, even eons now
'midst the tower's grim secrets, its treasure store.

To find his bed 'tis three down, the center heart true
Yet 'ware his guardians, night fanged two!

But light, glorious light can save the souls
and wing you to your farthest goals.

Or so its said!

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