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Monday, January 23, 2012

Petrification rules (AE)

Any stoning attack that does not inflict 50% or more of your BODY in damage is survivable. However, the effect is not without pain or damage and every point of BODY stoned adds +1 to your MASS. This BODY to MASS conversion is immediate. The other effects occur after a minute passes. For every 5% of your BODY that was petrified apply the following:

Add +3 DR
Subtract –1 REF and –1 ADROIT
Subtract –10% off your PER
Lower CON by –2
All Maneuver skills have a –5 penalty

So Mearivean, a 40 BODY human, gets 18 BODY petrified by a basilisk. 18 out of 40 is 45% of the Mearivean’s BODY; a close call. Mearivean will add those 18 points directly to his MASS. He will also lower his ADROIT and REF by –9, reduce his PER 90%, lower his CON –18, take a –45 penalty to all Maneuver skills, and add +27 to DR.

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