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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Making Characters


everyone has a different approach when it comes to making characters.  However, one approach that is common to DnD that doesn't work for AE is to think you can roll up a bunch of stat lists and then apply them towards what you want.  The folks I'm bringing into the fold here in Texas mentioned it and I had to show them how that just doesn't work in AE.

Attributes are important but AE treats them different than in other game systems and especially in contrast to DnD (pick whatever version you like).  They provide a bonus, an important one, that gives you an edge but not an overwhelming one.

Understanding this fact is tough for some i've found, especially if they are used to playing where attributes can rule the roost.  Keep this in mind when you are bringing new players into the fold, especially if they have played DnD or other games where small changes in attributes can sway the mechanics of conflict in large ways.

Just think about differences plunking a couple of points in any one attribute in AE would make and then contrast that with your favorite game system to see the difference.  It will help in explaining things.  Fluctuation in strength or con in AE, for instance, would definitely be different if you did the same in DnD.  Same for Runequest or M&M or any other game you choose.

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