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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mage School: Salt and Wave


Salt and Wave is an Aradnastan style of magik study found little outside of the borders of that country. It grew out of a mishmash of arcane practices among the coastal villages and was consolidated by Melq Afrtain. Melq was formally trained in Arad city in the Blood and Stones style of magery but acquired the seed magic that would become Salt and Wave after spending a few decades in the coastal villages and the ships that fished and sailed the coastline.
Prerequisite: 28+ APT, 12+ MA, Aradnastian and Rendorii languages
School Focus: Salt and Wave concentrates on practical application and has next to no academic curriculum. Learning is done by rote and use; labs are minimal and practicals are nearly exclusively used to judge success in learning.
Concentration Skills: Cast, Channel

Alarming Impediment – OP 1
Attend Me! – OP 1
Bone Shaker – OP 1
Dive – OP 1
Fast Freeze – OP 1
Fiery Cone – OP 1
Instant Grab – OP 1
Quell Sound – OP 1
Quickflame – OP 1
Salt Wounds – OP 1
Slow Drop – OP 1
Wizard Dark – OP 1
Wizard Glow – OP 1
Spriggan Wind – OP 1
Farspeaker – OP 2
Fins and Gills – OP 2 [R]
Flotsam Boat – OP 2 [R]
Foam Ring – OP 2
High Lifter – OP 2
Salt Tongue – OP 2
Spatial Deliquesce – OP 2
Wizardly Windows – OP 2
-----Trial of the Storm Crow -----
Flesh Oil Fire – OP 3
Fog Bolt – OP 3
Hammer of the Wave – OP 3
Heavy Helper – OP 3
Water Skimming – OP 3
Dee-Hopper – OP 4
Morgault's Disappearance – OP 4
Ghost Wind – OP 4
Clumsy Field – OP 5
Long Reach – OP 5

Trial of the Storm Crow. The first and only trial in the school. Melq formed a composite of the village based trials to form this one, where a student must take a ship out into a raging storm and then lead the same ship (intact) back into port. The trial is actually one-part rite and the invocation of the trial requires 50 APT (usually provided by the master). One began, the student attracts storms daily, for seven days straight. The student must weather each one and bring the (same) ship back to port safely. Every day the student will be tested by the power of the storm, requiring a series of Channel checks, TD 50, 50 and 75 respectively. If any one is failed, the intensity of the storm doubles. If the student succeeds in weathering the full seven days of storms they are considered a changed being and indoctrinated to the higher powers of the school.

Preq: 16+ APT, 14+ MA, Prof Arcanalogy
Mana: see below C: 99 F: 8
Range: 120 M: No Area: see below
TD: 25Note1 Duration: see below
For a single mana point you can affect 15 BODY of a target, plus 3 BODY of a target for every additional mana invested in the spell. If enough mana is channeled into the spell, it will sink the target to the bottom of any body of water at a rate of 5 ft per CF Count. The spells lasts for 5 CF Counts minimum, plus 5 more CF Counts per mana invested when the spell is cast.

Preq: 16+ APT, 14+ MA, Prof Channel
Mana: 3 C: 100 F: 4
Range: 150 M: No Area: see below
TD: 25Note1 Duration: see below
Salts any open wounds on a target that is within 150 ft, causing 1 HP per wound they have taken.

Preq: 24+ APT, Trd Ceremony, Trd Channel
APT: 25/5 C: 98 F: 7
Range: 50 Time: 10 minutes
TD: 100 Duration: see below
Learn: 565 GS Influence: any/all

The target of the ritual grows fins and gills, an unsettling though painless process. It will affect any living being up to 50 BODY without fail. Those altered ignore the penalty of MASS for the purpose of swimming and can breath salt or fresh water easily. The ritual lasts for your APT in melee rounds before instantly reversing. The ritual does not provide any additional resistance to cold, pressure or other environmental adaptions. If the ritual is performed in the ocean – salt water) then it can be done in half the normal time requirement.

Preq: 26+ APT, Trd Ceremony, Trd Wilderness
APT: 30/1 C: 95 F: 10
Range: 150 Time: see below
TD: 100 Duration: see below
Learn: 765 GS Influence: any/all

The ritualist calls upon the ocean to bring to him flotsam and debris, which is then formed into a crude boat that will carry 5 BODY per skill rank and last 10 minutes per APT of the ritualist. If performed away from the ocean or sea – salt or fresh), it doesn't work. Otherwise it takes d10 times the BODY requirement of the boat in time for the ocean to bring forth the debris to build the boat. The boat itself will be 4 times the BODY it can carry in size. It may leak but will not sink and will stay intact, even if damaged, reknitting together also long as enough of the boat's BODY remains to carry what's contained within it.

Preq: APT 20, MA 16, Trd Arcanalogy
Mana: 6 (see below) C: 100 F: 7
Range: 180 M: No Area: see below
TD: 50Note1 Duration: see below
A simple spell that brings forth rings of foam that surround a single creature of 10 + skill ranks in BODY, holding them fast completely. Those captured are held fast, immobile but not paralyzed, for 1 melee round plus 1 melee for every additional 2 mana invested in the spell when cast. The rings are considered a single unit for destruction purposes and will resist the amount of BODY they can capture in HP damage before breaking. However, a BODY check against a TD of double the capture value will also burst them asunder.

Preq: APT 21, MA 16, Trd Arcanalogy
Mana: 7 C: 95 F: 9
Range: 40 M: No Area: see below
TD: 50Note1 Duration: see below
A simple spell that targets a single person; when they speak or utter sound their mouth is filled with salt – literally) and the taste of the ocean and they must make a TD 100 + skill ranks Shock Save or gag, spit and retch instead of speak or utter sounds, losing their action in the process. It lasts only a melee round but can be extended by +1 melee round for every 4 mana invested when cast. If the target is in salt water when cast upon the Shock save is TD 150 + skill ranks until they leave the salt water and the caster gets a +30 bonus to succeed against their MD with the spell.

Preq: APT 26+, MA 20+, Exp Channel, Exp Arcanalogy
Mana: 14 C: 92 F: 12
Range: 60 M: No Area: see below
TD: 100Note1 Duration: see below
The spells conjures forth an oily, tallow-scented fire that burns only beings with ESS and who have physical flesh. The fire is transferred to a target by touch – roll versus DEF), burning d6+1 HP and impairing 1 ESS per melee round. While active, and it lasts for 6 melee rounds + 1 melee round every 7 mana invested when cast, any other living being that touches the target also catches fire if a half-strength application of the spell surpasses their MD. Regardless, no affected creature burns longer than the total duration of the spell, no matter when affected. The fire cannot be put out like normal as it is consuming flesh and life force but neither does it burn normally flammable material. Spells or rituals that disrupt OP 3 spells and render them inert; secrets that allow dismissal or dispelling magic, and like powers will dissipate the fire once lit on a target.

Preq: APT 26+, MA 20+, Exp Channel, Exp Arcanalogy
Mana: 11 C: 99 F: 10
Range: 20 M: No Area: see below
TD: 125Note1 Duration: immediate (see below)
The spell conjures forth the hammering intensity and power of a dropping wave as it smashes down on the shore. It will hit a everything in a 5 ft wide by 15 ft long length, accompanied with the scent of the ocean and dampness on the skin. Its force is such that it 2d10+10 HP damage and bowls over a total BODY of creatures, objects, etc. equal to the caster's skill check. Those bowled over are moved along the same path 2d10 ft past the end of the wave with a force equal to half the BODY total of the wave. If they encounter something solid then they take the BODY damage for that value as well, otherwise they end up prone and Staggered for the rest of the melee round.

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