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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It seemed time for a magik artifact

Like the title says it seemed time for a magik artifact.  So let me introduce the following nifty item from the published Bestiary & Treasures volume.

Description: Bandoleer set with 24 pockets that will hold a 24 ounce or less vial or bottle each.
Value: 5,900 GC TD: 45 Dur: 150
Powers: The bandoleer can hold 24 potions. While stored within the bandoleer, the potions cannot be broken, disturbed, or even pulled free by anyone other than the wearer. A potion can be removed with a quickened action, but the wearer can set any single potion to be in a “ready” state. A ready potion is automatically in hand when called without expending an action on the part of the wearer.

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