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Monday, January 9, 2012

Figured it was time to show more AE artifacts.  This particular set was a gift from Ariadne, a long standing character by one of my players, to another character.  The set was made in Maelshyra and bears the marks of the Surehand family of weavers.

Ariadne's Gift Spider Silk clothes (full set)
Cost: 19200 GC 
Type: Cloth (fits BODY 34 - 42)
DR: 9
CHARGE Bonus: 0
BODY: 171
CF/Dodge Penalty: 0
Move/Maneuver Penalty: 0
  • Insulates to cold and wind up to 200 HP potency and stronger potency seeps through at a rate of 5% per 50 HP potency beyond 200-HP. The strong cold or wind doesn't harm the silk just penetrates it.
  • +20 Dodge bonus
  • +30 all Saves (Fear, Disease, P/V, and Shock).

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