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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crafting Cultures

Just a quick not on how to make your own cultures for AE.  It came up while I was initiating a new group in Texas into the game system.

Its actually quite simple.  Take any culture and for the sake of an example I'm going to use Texas (it seems appropriate).  If you think about Texas a few things might quickly come to mind.

  • Big; the state is huge and anyone who lives here gets used to that fact.  Which means they don't think about driving 10-25 miles to get the simplest things or drive 50 miles to go game with someone.  Its a part of the social fabric of the state.  So, we might have a cultural influence here revolved around travel, where the influence handles a factor of travel.
  • Large amounts of land; texans are known for everything big and owning land is one of them and not in tiny lots either.  This could be another influence if desired; one with unlanded nobility as a possible or anything else that seemed appropriate.
  • Patriotic; You can throw a rock and not hit a Texan that hasn't or is currently serving in the military, government or some community organization.  National Charge, National Pride and other like nation-based influences are very appropriate here.
  • Border Life; Texas sits on the borders and this influence is a good one to incorporate.
  • Multiple large cities; Texas has numerous large cities so any of the serveral urban based influences are appropriate
  • Commerce; Texas has a lot of commerce and several of the economic and business influences could be incorporated
  • Resource Rich; Texas is rich in resources and you can make influences that revolve around the acquisition, movement and sale of such things
Can you think of more?  This took only a few minutes and is a slice of the conversation I had to show them how to craft their own influences for the cultures of their favorite game world using a real world example.

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