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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A choice upon a quest

The following was given unto Kain, when he was given a choice for his 3rd battle of the Rite of 1000 battles.

Kain, set forth in your mind the way clear and choose your doom.

Will it be to the to the Copper Arm Mountains, to battle a Srkaln, fierce raptor, death made of feathers?
Or will you tread the foam and take to the ocean to battle an Inil-daen, rider of waves and foe to ship and man?  Or does your courage lie in the south of Aradnast, where the ocean beats the sand with waves and the faces of the lost gods peer forth from their earthen graves! Nornid Lyost, a stretch of beach in the southernmost of Aradnast, home to the graves of the oceans gods forced into stone form in some titanic battle of the past. There darkling warrior Kaerie Ninesworn seeks powers from the lost gods - he is your foe should you take this road.

What road do you walk, faithless one?

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