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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Arduin Courier Service

In addition to the regular coach service, Arduin has an efficient and fairly inexpensive courier service as well. While most traders will gladly carry a letter or documents for a fee, Arduin enjoys a form of pony express that connects all its major cities and large towns. Lesser-populated areas are freely accessible as well but the courier network takes longer and is more expensive to reach those areas. The system works through a network of mounted relay messengers. Riders stop at carriage houses, inns, and relay stations to refresh their horses, exchange them for new ones, or pass on their dispatches and messages to another messenger for the remainder of the distance.

When couriers dispatch to less populated areas they will ride on the regular coach service for added security. Couriers will also do this to safeguard large dispatches or bulk deliveries.

A standard letter (about 5 sheets of paper) costs a copper penny to send between any of the major cities in Arduin. From a large town or city to another doubles this price. It costs a silver penny to take a letter to anything of smaller population (excluding the Mickleback Mountains. It costs 2 silver pennies going into or exiting the mountains). All packages are gauged by weight or bulk. The going rate is one pound or one-quarter cubic foot equals one half-crown, with a maximum 50 lbs and 10 cubic feet (breakable into 2 cubic feet boxes).

Arduin Couriers can usually delivery within two days to one major city to another. Four days for any of the large towns to another town or city. To anything smaller, they will give no less then an estimate of 2 weeks to one month for delivery, depending on distance and the place in question.

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  1. When dispatch couriers to less populated areas to guide them through the regular service trainer for additional safety.