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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shadow Twins

An odd thing found here and there, rumored all over but truly only verified at Skull Tower and Athaelstone to be sure.

Regardless, its a strange duo of shadows, always burned or seemingly so into stone, rock and once reputedly in loose gravel at various "dungeons" of Arduin myth.

The shadows are always together and have been reported in various poses, not a few being sacrilegious or profane in their actions.

A form of graffiti, the mark of an unknown adventurer, or the remnants of something's meal:  its hard to say.  

What is known that they seem to be a part of the stone, are always on both sides if two sides exist, and have the same pose on either side.

If you seek it in Skull Tower, you can find it near the cleft in the jaw of the skull.    In Athaelstone, its near the trailing end of the serpentine Eldarin script that flows around the main entrance.

Others remain to be verified though attributed widely to many places.  Verified sightings are rewarded by the College of Magik in Melkalund.  Seek out and demonstrate your evidence to Professor Uaryd Calimtel.  Proper evidence is recompensed with 300 GS.

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