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Friday, December 30, 2011

A quick note on Arduin/Khaas geography

A quick note to answer a couple of questions I've received recently.

Arduin (or Khaas to be truly honest and name the planet) has seven continents.   The one we mostly talk about is the third continent or Khaora.  Its the home of the country of Arduin and the hub of activity in the world.  the other continents are Winter Crown, Fhedlspaera, Extaercara, Archaela, Laenkrwat, and the Southern Polar Cap.  They are just as frequently referred to as the first, second, third and so forth continents as well, depending on the culture and language. The southern polar cap has never truly held a distinctive name like the others. The name of the sunken second continent, Fhedlspaera, is an ancient name dying out from common knowledge.

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