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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Quest for Four Feet

At one point David Hargrave published something known as the Arduin Chronicles.  Typewritten and chock full of information, it was a handy and useful Arduin reference.   As it is all but lost to time, I'm reposting it here for everyone to enjoy.

There is a place, they say, beyond all reason
where winter is home regardless of the season
and darkness kisses the land.

God's feet walked it some say stayed
to see, tis said, where the White Unicorn played
and the Great One has made its last stand.

Legends tell, bards do sing, all to say about some Crooked thing
and Rhyffkynd's Eye hath saw what Megalon's Benefits did bring:
Four from Dark.

Myths do speak of the Star Maiden's Gift, pleasing yet arcane
no match for an Infinite Edge, every creatures' bane
but to me, now all yet hark.

Sage Maker will tell the tale needful speaking
of high cleft valleys upon mountain, misty peaking
and the Bones of the Eldest Black.

To succor the finding this telling binding, seek the softly spoken trees.

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