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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Personality Profile: Dvin Nojus

Dvin-Nojus (day-vin know-us) was a farmer in Falohyr whose life was turned upside down by a fire that slew his parents and new wife.  Discarding his past life, he took up the weapons of his grandfather and learned the art of fighting.  

He traveled from Tharkhalla to Arduin throwing himself into harm’s way, somehow managing to survive and come out a little wiser.  He joined the Pearlhouse Sawbacks (those famous nine stalwarts) in their journey to the Great Wurm Road and like them, disappeared from the face of history.  He left his famous cloak, the Dvin-Nojus Wrap in the Sawback villa outside of Pearlhouse but it was stolen along with much of the Sawback’s goods roughly 3 years after they departed.

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