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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Glass Door of Arduin

A jagged spur of glassy crystal that protrudes from the center of a still lake in the south of Arduin.  Its roughly 14 ft in height and an antenna for nexus activity.  It drags nexus to it and pulls them into the lake or into its crystalline structure.  Said activity has been noted numerous times and is the subject of study from the College of Magik in Talismonde, Melkalund and Falonde in Falohyr.

No one to date has been able to touch it or even get within a couple of feet of the crystalline structure as it pulls nexus to it on such as frequent basis.  Various scholars have ascertained it extends beneath the surface of the lake for at least twenty feet.  Studies have been interrupted in the last couple of years due to the flash cult that came into being surrounding the crystal door.  The cult has taken to surrounding the lake and defending it furiously against all who come to its shores.  When questioned they say the door has taken to whispering to anyone that stays the night on its shores, speaking softly and beseechingly in a woman's voice.

A few months past, CY 325 Ator, a priestess of Diora summoned forth a powerful minion of Diora through the Crystal Door seemingly shattering it in the process.  However, the crystal grew back rapidly, reforming in a few days.  Seeing this as a sign, the cult has blossomed in size, growing to more than a two hundred in number.  Whether or not Diora is actually related to the cult or the Crystal Door is a subjective one.  Diora seems mute on the matter.

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