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Monday, December 26, 2011

Ghost River

A part of history and legend, a whispered rumor with a grain of truth.   Much is said though little true about the Ghost River.  The little heard says it runs through the lands of death, through harsh domains of the afterlife.  Still other tales place it as a stream of spirits wending through the soil; a titanic ley line; a series of nodes and junctions; a nexus of sorts, one that pulls one along instead of transitioning from one place to another.

A discerning few, with the right research or information gathering skills, will find that whatever it may be, it was a part of history.  During the reign of the Margalen family to be exact.  Whereupon it was used, it was rumored, to secret away those who were too powerful or treasured to kill.  In their shadowy prison, their dark cell that has never been found: the Gaol.

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