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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Explanation of Artifacts (AE style)

It was only after I posted an artifact yesterday that I realized that we don't have a breakdown of all the information given with them.  Well, we do, but its in the Bestiary and Treasures book.  Sooooo, see below:

APT:  For GMs who desire a limit on magic artifacts, your APT is the total amount of magik you can put on your person (passive or otherwise).  The amount listed here counts against your APT total; if you exceed your APT then an artifact quits functioning.

TD:  Arcanalogy, Knowledge, Noetics, Pnuema or like check to identify the artifact.  Typically, arcane artifacts use Arcanalogy, psychic ones use Noetics and so forth.

DUR:  How much damage said item can take.

VALUE:  The general, legal current market value

CONDITION:  A limitation that exists on the artifact, such as usable by a certain profession, race, locale, etc.

POWERS:  Its powers or abilities.

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