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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dowry of Menwy the Fair

On 12 Ator 303 CY, Menwy Rhys Goldenlock, also called Menwys the Fair and Menwys of the Lightfoot  (as a daughter of the noble house of the same name) married Arthwys Rivensteel in a celebration that clogged the streets of Khurahaen for days.  They say the minor goddess Laetitia even showed up to dance and celebrate at her wedding.  Among the many events that occurred over the six day celebration, the unveiling of the bride's dowry was said to have been the event that shook the proceedings.  Storm birds and Phoenix were said to have fought in the skies as the dowry was unveiled and several lobotomized minor demons were used for security.

Many things were reputed to be among the dowry but the below list is spoken of as the most accurate though greatly incomplete.

  • Zlondel’s Boots of Legerity
  • Nine seedlings from the Heart Tree of Augwlinin
  • An apple from the Grove of Lleluool Ceownynch
  • Four of the Nine Jeweled Eyes of Thooqualia
  • Light Tiara of the Burning Falcon
  • Shyndelmere’s auburn horse, gifted to Meklmyne, thought lost but truly alive
  • Living Memory from the Nexus Wars wrapped in a null shroud
  • Preserved Tentacle from the Unnamed Beast Ceadeal la'Matirine unleashed in the Cerulean Sea during the Misty Mountain Wars.

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