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Friday, December 16, 2011

Arduin Design Notes X

Keeping the system symmetrical was key.  With that in mind, I started to tackle the next things on the list for AE.  With races, cultures, professions and skills worked out, the next things to tackle was components of the professions and paths that previously hadn't been worked out.

Don't get me wrong the previous versions of Arduin were fine things, but they kept to a different level of detail and engineering.  Where the idea of a Runeweaver and Rune Weaving was conceptualized in the previous games, my goals was to render the runes and make it a workable magik system.  The Herbalist, Alchemist, Techno, Medicine Man, and others like them also needed work.  Some really had no meat to them, some had some detail but not really enough to be fully fleshed out and some were fleshed out buy limited by the previous mechanics to truly work in the idea behind them.  These all needed work, but out of them came the following sections:

Eldarin (Runes)
Martial Arts
Schematics (Techno)
Fetishes (Medicine Man)
Mental Powers (Psychic)

Alchemy was sort of in play but not really well defined, especially at the high end.  Same for Herbalism.  Both sort of crossed each other in places and definite rules needed to be set in place to separate the two.  Frankly it came down to where the two sourced out of: the herbalist became more "natural and green" while alchemy really meant that the source was refined and changed then used.

Rune Magik needed a complete construction and good rules.

Martial Arts.  Ah, I love those.  Previous Arduin versions had rules but they conflicted with released canon.  Why had one set of mechanics for a myriad of supposed martial arts and their purposed capabilities?  Why not outline them and make it a workable system?  Which was done and happily I might add based on the feedback given by everyone.

Rituals, Spells, and Prayers all worked as one unit.  All the previous magic from the grimoires were redone to fit within the mold of one of these types.  Spells and prayers were separated.  Their sources and requirements to use were different so they were treated that way.  Rituals were shared to a certain extent but rituals defined any form of power that was long term and required a series of steps to create.

Mental powers needed a complete construction.  Hints were in the book but no outlined powers.

Schematics for Technos needed a complete construction.  I understand what the original genius behind the class was back in the day but it had grown vastly behind that humble start.  What it needed now was organization, mechanics and stuff to make.

Fetishes were new for the Medicine Man but appropriate.  They needed complete work up.

Aside from these questions, I needed to outline a section for social dynamics, to breakout how contacts, connections and the use of social influence.  Adventuring, advancement and progression needed some time as well.  More, and more, let me tell you.  Spirits and animate powers needed to be addressed, equipment and goods, critical and fumble tables, game mastering and more.

None of this takes into view the things I dropped.  A large economics section had to be done away with.  A smaller, less comprehensive one was drafted for the Trader and economics of the game.  Breeding of creatures, plants and other beings never made it into print.  It was slated for the Bestiary but is likely going to show up in a later edition than the one released.  A lot of the GM section was sliced away to make room.  A discussion of the world, death, and how the two interacted dropped.  The original song and rune song section dropped.  It was a fav and treated songs like spells but gave them unusual and interesting twists.  Most of the invention and idea system was removed though some of the basic mechanics remained.

I could go on but its not what was removed that makes the system tick but what stayed.

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