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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Arduin Design Notes VIII

The challenge after the cultures was professions or classes as they were referred to in previous versions of Arduin.  Like races, they were thick as thieves in Arduin.  When working with them, I wanted a different approach than used previously.  Building off the idea of designating some professions as base ones and others as specializations of them, I split the previous classes into Professions (base) and Paths (specializations).  Some just didn't make the grade, such as the Adventurer, which was more of an ideal than a true profession.  Some needed some serious work, such as the Runeweaver, Herbalist, Techno and so on.

Pretty much all the professions and paths you see in the book were in both the Alpha and Beta runs of the game.  Some were dropped, such as the Necromancer (which wasn't ready by the time we went to print), Berserker, Mercenary Captain, Nexus Wizard, Courtier, Illusionist, Chef (yes, I do mean a chef - trust me on this, its a bad ass Path) and a couple of more.

Game testing showed them did change some of their locations.  For example, the Martial Artist was a Profession in the Alpha but after some testing and game play was made into a Path of the Warrior.  Druid was the opposite: it moved from being a Path off the Priest to its own Profession.

Some I just didn't have room for in the book as it was released.  It as already stuffed to the gills and more.  Like the World Book of Khaas (WOK) I had to cut, sometimes deeply before print.

Like previously mentioned, the professions and paths continued the tool box approach and had options built into them to allow the player to be that prof/path but be different at the same time.  Not to mention each profession had its own focus on skills (more on the skill system in the next post) and secrets (see next post), things that you can only learn while/if you are part of the profession.  Unique things, different things, cool things that make a warrior a true cut above someone who can fight and a mage more than a slinger of spells.

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