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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another geographic note

Okay, so this time let me hit on the oceans and seas.  Its understandable that orientation to Arduin would be a little confusing without some good references.  Until I can get a rough map posted online let me at least give you the oceans to go with the continents from the last post.

The great oceans are the Northern Seas, Southern Ocean, Orichalcum Ocean, Western Ocean, Crystal Ocean, and the Frothing Cobalt Ocean. Every one of these is made up of dozens, if not scores of smaller seas, which are frequently more known than their broader appellations. Where possible, the most prominent or well known seas are included as well to fully delineate the oceans.

The Northern Seas lay south of the North Polar Cap, east of Extaercara, and north of Laenkrwat were it meets the Frothing Cobalt Ocean.  

The Southern Ocean holds two distinctions: the water it covers is the second of two circumpolar oceans (the first the Northern Seas) and it is the largest of all oceans in Khaas. Its expanse covers all the water south of the Khaora, Archaela, Laenkrwat and the waters around the South Polar Cap.

The ocean stretching between Khaora and Archaela is called the Orichalcum Ocean or the Eastern Seas.

The Western Ocean covers the island dotted waters between Khaora and Laenkrwat.

The beautiful waters between Extaercara and Archaela are called the Crystal Ocean.

Pressed between the Northern Seas and the Southern Ocean and spreading between Extaercara and Laenkrwat is Frothing Cobalt Ocean. The ocean here is exceptionally turbulent and achingly blue.

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