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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fydron di Knol

Fydron di Knol was a Melkalundian Mechanition who grew to fame during the Nexus Wars.  His most remembered creations came out of the 297 BCY confrontation of Melkalundian troops against the combined forces of Zienfaldor and Falohyr that were in Arduin at the time.  The battle took place in the Copper Mountains near a deep, rushing stream known as Brimestone Froth, which this battle took its name for.

Fydron feverishly rough crafted several mechanicals as the combined forces laid siege to their position.  Taking advantage of their position, he built several mobile spiked devices that held reservoirs of stones (something they had in plenty supply).  The device would roll through the krags they were defending and fire rocks down below at targets or areas.  Its teethed spikes would break down rock for a resupply.  He named them Spikenards after a flower he cherished.

His second most remembered device was a round sphere within three concentric rings.  The center sphere was pierced on all sides and the rings where set on toothed gears that turned and spun, utilizing a gyroscope inside the sphere.  These were pushed down the slopes and as they picked up speed they were bellow and scream like a trio of demons.  The gears, if they alighted upon something fleshly, would devour and spit out anything, even fully armored men on horseback.  These were called hell screamers and once in motion would run pretty much until destroyed.

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