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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Caterpillar's Lament

Another Hargrave riddle for your pleasure. 

Like the other, if you guess the proper dungeon this points to, a coupon in our stores lies waiting as treasure for your eager hands. 

 As a hint, its within the boundaries of the Country of Arduin and...well..."under" something. Good Luck! 

Smokey slow, I sit and ponder 'til squeaky voices come from yonder. 
What are these hobbitts who incessantly speak, sounding like a gate the squeaks? 
Pester, bother, bother, pester, as if I was some lowly jester! 
"A poem, a poem" They whine and cry, so if they'll leave, a poem I'll try. 
Straight then bent young Alice went, Neither looking nor sent;
'til the triple door, by the seashore mound, 'twas one she opened, her finder found. 
So scat! Go! Begone with your chatter, and let me get to an important matter! 
My handy hookah.


  1. Citadel of Thunder under the Thousand Thunder Falls?

  2. Lol, not a bad guess but no, its another locale. I'll give you (and anyone else) three shots for the coupon.