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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A traveler's tale at a campside on the road to Talismondé (Plot Idea)

Mingled in the regional histories of many eastern countries are references to the Misty Mountain Wars. This 42-year stretch of history is not only a bloody one for the Misty Isles but also a spur of change for the entire central coastal region of Khaora. It directly spawned one other country and was indirectly responsible for several more. It gave the impetus to the formation of the stone-toothed quays found in the cities and ruins of Aldoré; magical forces released near the end of that struggle inadvertently formed the Uquiliu Venting and the a poor, foolish and misguided Amazon Priestess of Hekate let loose an evil in the world whose appetite is unquenched still. The wars were indeed a tumultuous time for the region and they ended only through the death of Duchess (and Amazon General) Quotara-la in the sacrificial trees high on Mist Finger Mountain (thus ending her claims to the Mist Wind Throne) and the fleeing of General Avelda (who founded a country of the same name) from the Misty Isles. With these two claimants slain or departed from the scene, soon-to-be Queen Lysippl consolidated the rest of the isles under her iron fist and ended the wars.

Thus, you can see this was a powerful event in Misty Isles history. While it would grow to large proportions and change the course of nation, those who started it had no idea this would occur. Like many other great events this war began as something trivial—so much so it might have swept into the ocean of the past without changing anything if it were not for the critical (though likely accidental) intervention of a few. An unlikely grouping: a Phraint, two Dwarves, an Elf, and a (very slim) Hobbitt saved a smuggler from stoning in Brēll. Their motives were not altruistic by any means, as the fool owed them money (and no small amount either).

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