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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Timat (Goddess)

This dark god is known as "The Destroyer", "Worldsbane", "Sun Eater" and numerous other "end-of-the-world" type sobriquets.  Devotees are known as "little destroyers" (Koetro Nagra in Dwarven) and are of the deepest, darkest evil sort -- the cut your throat, drink your blood, and violate your corpse variety.  She (and yes, it is generally seen as "feminine") is symbolized by six large black diamonds circling about a multicolored globe or central gem.  Each diamond is an aspect of her ability to violate, annihilate, conquer, devastate, despoil and consume.

She has acolytes in almost every race and is one of the divinities requiring the blood sacrifice of a sentient being in her rituals.  Timat’s destiny is to utterly consume or destroy the entire Multiverse and her religion and priests work continually towards this end.  While not overtly active or powerful, adherents often move behind the scenes to manipulate destruction and chaos in many nations.  While despicable in dark and vile ways they are more behind-the-scenes manipulators than dark, in-your-face fanatics.

This religion is banned in most nations, and there are few overt temples or followers to this god.  The three days of end year of the special days of this divinity and they are celebrated in a three-day long orgy of violence, bloodshed, and murder.

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