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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Soldier Spirit (Bestiary Entry)

It seemed a good time to post a new monster.  Below is monster from the White Roc Inn Campaign supplement that is due out in a few months.  I'll be releasing a few of the spirits that haunt the whisper trees and talk in some detail about how to employ spirits from a GM perspective in future posts.  Meanwhile, enjoy a new baddie for your arsenal!

SOLDIER SPIRIT (d4 appearing).
Description: Soldier spirits appear as they did in life but have a haunting, hunger air and heated, burning gaze that seems to burn into the living.
APT: 86-188


  • Armament {no cost} When soldier spirits manifest, they do so with full gear they bore in life. Their armament instantly regenerate if broken, lost or destroyed. If separated from their bodies it dissolves into the aether.
  • Influence{1 APT} – Heavy Atmosphere (living beings are Staggered). All TD are equal to the APT of the spirit.
  • Manifestation {5 APT} – Physical Form. Lasts until destroyed by physical destruction of its form, which has a value in HP equal to its remaining APT.
    • ATK, DEF, MD, and PD are equal to the remainder of its APT.
    • DR, MR, and PR is equal to one-third that value.
    • DME is equal to 1/4 its APT.
    • CF is always 29.
  • Battle Malaise. Soldier spirits are tortured by the battles they have fought, people they have slain and the horrors they have committed in the name of war. They will always seek to relive some past battle, especially the one that claimed their life unless prevented.
Lore: Some warriors are so great or so tortured that they can never die. Whether by great service and patriotism or through the screams of the wronged, a few soldiers refuse to go calmly into the night, choosing to live on in the spirit to fight on. Soldiers spirits are, for all intents and purposes, almost the exact same as they were in life. However, death corrupts them and they always seek to sunder the living from the life they still hold, no matter how kindly they were in life. It taints them to see events through a lens of blood, making a goodly man struggle to stay just and a despicable one become demonic.

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