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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Seven Warped Sixteens (Seven Sevens Quest)

The second generally accepted group of seven among the Seven Sevens Quest is the Seven Warped Sixteens.

They are, in order, the following:
  • Sixteen Steps to Khardtuom
  • Jheenakhul
  • The Many Horns of Buul
  • High Twisted Steps of Heaven
  • Worldcrush
  • Miengaol Ice shoals
  • Trailtien Twist
Like before keep in mind the following:
  • One need not complete them in order or in fact, as a group, since any one of the 49 quests can be done first, last or at any particular step, except it cannot be repeated. 
  • Each of the sixteens is exceedingly dangerous in its own way and certainly such to be difficult to describe or put into words.  
  • As a reminder, the beginning of any quest in the Seven Sevens begins with a cacophony of images that give the location and objective of each quest.  This mental jumble is, itself, the first part of the quest. 
Unlike the previous seven quests, none of these except perhaps Worldcrush are mentioned outside of the worldofkhaas website and my personal notes.  Probably in the future but until then, I'll touch briefly on each.  GMs who contact me can get more data.  

The Sixteen Steps to Khardtuom is a reference to the way to find the mysterious city of Khardtuom.  The city is  thought real but imaginatively hard to reach.  Its a fact that it resides somewhere in the Anvil of the Sun.  Also, that sixteen way stops, oasis and like points must be stopped at on the path to Khardtuom or it can never be reached.  Lastly, that the beginning point can only be found via a riddle and only the riddle given to the person by the shadowless sphinxes that hunt the sands.  Those who do find the way to Khardtuon must mark the grand fountain that adorns the mandala outside the doors of the palace.

Jheenakhul doesn't exist.  Or, perhaps more truthfully, it exists only in the mind of a gestalt of sixteen beings that constitute the door to open the way.  Since the sixteens' identities change frequently, they must be discovered, convinced and then assembled.  However, one of the sixteen will always be the person on this quest and their role will be special.  They are the one destined to die; whose death allows them to enter.  Once within Jheenakhul, they need only to mark the walls of the city.

The Many Horns of Buul are an undersea phenomena.  They lie in the Great Southern Ocean, past the Rainbow Isles and beyond the Cabochon Isles, to a day's travel south and east of the Red Orchon.  The "horns" are the remnants of an undersea antediluvian race or perhaps an alien one that visited Khaas in the deep past.  Either way, some of these strange protuberances are always prominent, jutting out of the Great Kelp Forest.  They are all the same and consist of sixteen chambers.  Among them, one has a strange crystal, cut in an unfathomable number of facets, that must be touched with the mark.

The High Twisted Steps of Heaven.  No quicker way exists to earn heaven's ire than to walk them or hell's attention than to find them.  Two hard facts are known far and wide about the steps.  One, that only a mortal can find them.  Those who do not fear death can never find or know them.  Even if told by a mortal the knowledge is useless.  Only in the presence of them could they be realized.  Secondly, they are what is left of the way carved to the gates of the heavens by those famous and infamous ones, who in the mythic past, challenged the 10,000 gods for their place in the heavens.  In fact, sixteen the original steps exist and should they be trodden, legends say they will lead to the very gates mentioned in the mythic Heaven Siege epic.  Indeed, to finish this quest one must indeed mark the sixteen and highest step.

Worldcrush.  Ah, where the world weeps in endless sorrow from the crushing weight of the machinations of mortals, immortals, gods and demons that tear, rip, destroy and sunder her soil.  Sixteen woes weigh the world down, or, so the tales go.  Regardless, its a place where the pressure and gravity of the world are so powerful that they tear the very fabric of reality: crushing destiny, time, and space.  One must mark the very center of this region.

Miengaol Ice shoals lie in the deep south, near near the southern pole.  They are only above water for sixteen days and must be accessed during those times.  Each of the 22 shoals has one piece of a greater whole, a machine that hearkens back to the Kthoi times.  A forgotten relic of the war, each piece must be taken up and reassembled and the resultant whole marked.  Its advised that the machine then be unassembled before it wakes.  Be warned!

Trailtien Twist lies within the stuff of dreams.  Sort of.  An experiment of sorts, by the Dream Weaver Trailtien, who sought to prove a point within his art to doubting scholars.  He confined a part of reality within a dream and challenged the scholars to disprove it.  Considering that he used their souls as part of the reality they were pretty motivated to challenge it.  How they fared is a matter of record, which can be found at the College of Dreams in Talismonde.

There you go.  The Warped Sixteens.  Challenge them if dare.  If you are lucky.  If you are damned, desperate, and driven...

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