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Friday, October 21, 2011

Seven Sevens (Quest)

Previously I did a short note about Maruk and the Dark Calyndar.  Well, that's but one of the Seven Sevens Quest he undertook.  Its a worlds-spanning quest that only madman and the insane undertake but whose rewards are eternal fame and power to make the gods envy.  Here, in fact, is a list of the Seven Sevens and I'll be covering each of them in the next couple of weeks.

The Seven Ineffable Beasts
The Seven Warped Sixteens
The Seven Impossible Paths
The Seven Dancing Dooms
The Seven Wailing Women
The Seven Darkling Towers
The Seven Mindfilled Torrents

Each the crux of the Seven Sevens is you must leave your "mark of blood" on each being or place mentioned, in a way outlined once a specific one of the 49 quests is undertaken.  This isn't beginner level stuff we are talking about but big league, heavy hitting, quake in your boots style play.  I've only had one player ever get very far on the journey and he didn't finish either (I'll post about him shortly).  His name, obviously, was Maruk, such as I indicated in the beginning sentence.

Anyway, the quest can only be gotten from the shrine of legend, one of the 99 shrines that dot the stretch of the mountain known as the Beryllium Manticore in Chyrsolia.  The shrine in high on the mountain, perhaps the highest one.  Its a simple affair, the changes at a whim, reflecting the minds of the khaasian multitude, their belief in the incredible and mythic.  No reflection is required to enter, only that you have the courage to walk into the unknown.  Inside, you are stripped to the core, everything but your heart, mind and soul within your reach.  Each of these is tested in a way specific to you (insert GM: you know your players and their character.  Test them accordingly) before you are allowed to begin.  Before you go, you must define what item, and yes, it must be "something" that will bear your mark of blood.  This will be the item that you use to mark the object of each quest, whatsoever it may be.

Once completed, you begin the legendary quest.  You may choose from any of the 49 quests but once selected, your mark will not work for any other, even if you should possibly complete it.  Choose carefully, then, which you begin.  Once chose, your mind is filled with a cacophony of images relating to the subject of the quest and what you must do.  The word, cacophony is specific: the first test of the quest is to determine the meaning behind the images and figure out where/when/how to go to do it.

In AE terms, this quest begins a unique, one-time only rite, the Rite of Seven Sevens.  Otherwise, handle it according to whatever mechanics you bless.

Stay tuned as they used to say in the old cartoons.  I'll be rolling details of each and a little of maruk's tale here shortly.

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