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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Seven Ineffable Beasts (Seven Sevens Quest)

The first generally accepted group of seven among the Seven Sevens Quest is the Seven Ineffable Beasts.

They are, in order, the following:
  • Ibathene
  • Dark Calynpar
  • Silver Slyth
  • Hell Star
  • Shagrukomaru
  • Helltide
  • Kthoi
One need not complete them in order or in fact, as a group, since any one of the 49 quests can be done first, last or at any particular step, except it cannot be repeated.  Each of the beasts is terrible in its own way and certainly such to be difficult to describe or put into words.  As a reminder, the beginning of any quest in the Seven Sevens begins with a cacophony of images that give the location and objective of each quest.  This mental jumble is, itself, the first part of the quest.  Still, as the beasts obviously feature powerfully in each, let me touch upon each lightly.

The Ibathene is an Arduin stable horror to challenge powerful characters.  As they tent to hunt (and eat) wyverns, hydra and smaller dragons, they are quite powerful physically. They know no fear but luckily they are easily confused.  They do not, however, seem to know when they should be dead and tend to fight on even after obviously slain.  Something to do with their retarded nervous system.

Calynpar look like feather fin knifefish except on a grand scale and exist only in the western ocean south of Khaora. The Dark Calynpar is deeply ebon in color with a luminescent inner mouth that prey only see right when it swallows them! They exist only in the deep depths of the cold ocean and feast on giant squid and other large beasts below.  They are equivalent to strength to a Ibathene and considered one of the greater hunters of the deeps.

Silver Slyth are worse than the other two combined.  In fact, they hunt both types, considering them challenging but normal prey!  The best description of one is a silver tube, hundreds of feet long, with one hollowed opening full of twisting cilia!  Or, a silver Dune styled worm, if you are familiar with the reference.

The Hell Star is an alien, pure energy creature that ignores the physical and spiritual except to drain the energy out of anything it contacts.  In fact, it pretty much ignores anything that attempts to damage it.  Its a nasty being that is thankfully only rarely met.

The Shagrukomaru is a singular being, that slipped through a nexus into Khaas sometime in the distant past.  It dwells on the Great Wurm Road, feasting on chthonic beings and other horrible things that dwell in the great dark. A truly terrible being fully equivalent in power to a Greater Demon.

The Hell Tide seems weak, a veritable wave of thousands upon thousands of 3-inch to 9-inch bright green soldier ants.  It can pretty much destroy anything physical that it can consume or doesn't get away from it first!  Its greatly feared, especially in the jungle where its most often seen.

Kthoi are the reptilian baddies of the Arduin multiverse and the progenitors of magic, Eldarin and hundreds of others things.  Meeting one is akin to cheerfully committing suicide since they can use pretty much any techno, magic, Eldarin, psychic, ritual or other power they desire.  They are keenly intelligent, irritating and arrogant; plain just smarter, more powerful and capable than you.  Oh, an extinct generally, so its tough to find them except for one or two that are lost in time, trapped in bad, bad places or just too damn smart to be extinct or probably bothered by you!

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