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Friday, October 7, 2011

Players and the World (GM Tip)

Give motivations to your players beyond how much they can find, accumulate or how many monsters they can slaughter. Motivations of this nature tend to focus the players on the mechanics of the rule system and less on the role playing involved. Replace these with different motivations and build plot hooks that focus on role play, such as a patron seeking bold adventurers to participate in a quest to ring the world or involving them in a murder mystery and political infighting mixed into one stinking, messy ball of intrigue. Maybe a new nexus gate has opened in the temple district of Tslo in Faloyr and the temples there were sucked into a sparkling abyss just waiting for the first bold soul to find out where it leads (did we really need all those fat priests…?) or the Arduinian King has declared a bounty of riches and a noble title for the person or persons who puts a final end to the banditry in the hills outside of Elfhold Forest. These are simple plot ideas taken from typical fantasy genre story lines and easy to implement and even easier to research for more. Take a plot and immerse your players in it. Motivate them with story centric goals and rewards. Players still focused on mechanics-based victories will press on but will generally still have an interest in seeing where the story goes. Your role players will find reward in becoming central parts of the story.

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