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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Maruk and the Dark Calynpar (Plot Idea/Story)

To fulfill his Seven Sevens quest, Maruk had to place his mark of blood on something specific within each of the Seven Sevens named. In one instance, he was to mark a living Dark Calynpar. Now Calynpar look like feather fin knifefish except on a grand scale and exist only in the western ocean south of Khaora. The Dark Calynpar is deeply ebon in color with a luminescent inner mouth that prey only see right when it swallows them! They exist only in the deep depths of the cold ocean and feast on giant squid and other large beasts below. Maruk and his five shield brothers braved the cold depths of the ocean on Choodak. Now, Chodak are essentially, deep-water eels with a spherical luminescence, fearsome bites but a mild temperament. The Ooush-mueal merfolk south of Chardos use them as mounts. Maruk brought them the one of the Lost Pearls of Yu Oseel, an artifact of their local demigoddess in trade for mounts and a hunter/guide to the Calynpar. He had traded 5 tons of gold bullion for the pearl; pulled up from the Silver Fin, a sunken Chardosian treasure ship lost some years past in the fifth continent’s infamous Bitter Mouth Bay.

Anyway, after a long series of trials and torturous navigation, Maruk succeeded in placing his mark on a Dark Calynpar. Sadly, he lost two companions and his left hand in the progress. While one of his shields mates rose from death to fight again at his side, his other did not. Nor did his hand and he replaced it with a beautifully tooled and worked one of silveel with an orichalcum palm and fingertips that worked as well or perhaps better than his real hand had.

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