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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mark of the NeinenWvier (Ritual)

Mark of the NeinenWvier – OP 4

Preq: 35+ APT, Exp Ceremony, Exp Channel
APT: 45/5 (see below) C: 98 F: 7
Range: see below Time: 7 minutes
TD: 150 Duration: see below
Learn: 1565 GS Influence: any/none
Named for the legendary spirit bogeyman of northern Ghorfar and their ability to mark a person's soul and then call that person to them. Allows the ritualist to mark any single corporeal being of 30 BODY or less with a special invisible mark and then call them to him at some future date. For each +1 APT added, an additional BODY of a being can be successfully marked, with every +10 BODY added to the initial ritual also adding +1 to the APT impairment as well. Include equipment when determining the amount of BODY required. The range of the ritual is one mile and the duration is one month though each can be individually increased by adding +10/+1 to the initial ritual. Once marked, the impairment caused by the ritual is the amount of APT required to call the marked being to you. The initial impairment is used to power the link between you and the marked being. To activate it and call the being requires a normal action and the expenditure of this APT. Once expended the link is inactive until you reinvest another amount of APT to recharge it, which takes 7 minutes. The called being comes to spot you indicate within 20 ft of your position. Those caught unaware when called, i.e. had no foreknowledge, are considered Outmaneuvered when they show up unless they make a TD 200 PER check upon arriving. Spirits, elementals, incorporeal and like beings cannot be marked with this ritual. You can mark any number of beings in this manner. You can also overpower the mark to allow you to call more BODY as well, in order to bring the person you called, their equipment or even something they are carrying as well.

Thus, if you marked a 42 BODY being for 2 months with a 5 mile radius, it would cost: (45/5) + BODY (+12/+1) + 2 months (+10/+1) + 5-miles (+40/+4) or APT 107/11. If you expected that person to have another 20 BODY in equipment, it would cost +20/+2 more, or 127/13.

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