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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mana Tithe (Spell)

Preq: APT 32, MA 24, Spec Channel, Spell Piercing [Cast]
Mana: see below C: 100 F: 12
Range: 30 M: None Area: see below
TD: 100 Duration: immediate
A risky spell that drains an amount of mana from both the target and the castor. If the castor gives up the declared mana, the target's MD is auto-overridden. If the target of the spell cannot pay the tithe of power then the mana they do have is drained and transfered to the caster, who gains back their tithed mana as well. If the target can pay the mana cost then the caster loses the listed mana but the target loses none. If the target of the spell has no mana pool to drain the spell fizzles, taking with the mana tithed by the caster.

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