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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Limiting Rule Changes or Variations (GM Tip)

Arduin Eternal is built to be playable, logical, balanced and above all, fun.  As well engineered as the system is, caution should be taken with adding supplementary material and house rules. Not to say such material cannot be beneficial, on the contrary house rules are expected and encouraged. Caution, however, is needed so the introductions of new rules or material do not break the balance and symmetry of rule set. 

Supplementation and house rules focused on how to “make the players a little more powerful earlier” also tend to introduce bad and arbitrary mechanics too. Guard against changes that raise the complexity or split from the symmetric balance. 

If you deviate from the standard norm, consider the effect the deviation will have. 
  • Will every player want to have the “insert here” rule in their favor? W
  • ill having it put the other players at a serious disadvantage? 
  • Or, worse, will the players having such a change in the rule set in their favor cause you, as the GM, to escalate the conflicts they face? 
  • Raise the difficulties and threats to the point of the extreme in order to handle it? 
 The biggest key here is to exercise caution and not introduce some favorite rule because you like it without some consideration to how it affects the game holistically.

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