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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kordoric’s Walk

Kordoric’s life began, as far as he was concerned, in the snows carpeting the rainbow heights of the Prismatic Mountains.  On those frosted rocks, his chains were struck away and he took his first breath of freedom in nine long years.  Years lost in slavery to a twisted soul, something half Uruk and half something that crawled out of a pit, for all he could tell from its fetid breath, rancid odors and equally tempered disposition. 

The trio who freed him was a motley bunch: uncharacteristic as could be for warriors fierce enough to down his harsh captor.  One was a diminutive creature barely higher than his waist, but graced with a certain affinity for the toothy jawbone of some beast that she used as a weapon.  The second was tall and large as she was small and lithe, but built wrongly, with a body oddly off, giving the sense that it held more planes and angles than a body should.  He/She/It fought demonically but bizarrely, moving awkwardly and off balance but with a senseless grace that decried explanation.  The last was recognizable as a bristly haired hobbitt; he jumped, bounced, frothed, growled and rolled around like some animal.

After they slew his capture and split its bones, he gave his name and asked for their own.  The small one was Cla-Clari, the tall but odd one merely “T” and the hobbitt was Ghen.  When they asked him what he would do with his freedom, Kordoric pointed to the northwest towards a tall peak that glinted in the noon sun like some giant beacon.  “Nine years,” he said, “for nine years I have gazed at that glimmering tower of stone.  That is what I would like to do.” 

Do what, they asked?

“Why seek out its mysteries, climb its heights and experience the awe of its majesty up close.  For its sight has kept me strong when I was weak and tempered my soul when I was near beyond hope”, said Kordoric.

Then let us be about, they replied.  Let us make this trek, this journey to the far beacon that calls to your soul.

And thus, started Kordoric’s Walk.  Where it ended is as heroic and inspiring a tale you might want to hear, full of wonder and excitement, darkness and death; yearning, loss and a brief, if full, moment of love.

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