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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Encounter Placement (GM Tip)

Let’s discuss the implementation and reasoning behind the concepts and placement of encounters, with a focus on monsters. Have a reason, plausible or not, for why something is occurring as an encounter. If a massive storm is blanketing the area and shutting down travel, is this normal or unusual and cause by other circumstance? Are the Orcs raiding the farmlands there just to be killed and looted or do they belong to a Orc Hold nearby (with subsequent chain of logic dictating why they haven’t killed, raided and eaten everyone beforehand if they exist in numbers)? Maybe a nomadic tribe homesteading or moving through running from something worse?

Regardless of what you choose, make the choice a logical one. Also, follow the consequence of conflicts. If the Orcs are homesteading and the players keep killing them off, do they get wiped out, get reinforcements, move on or do something else? Of course, unintelligent beings are less likely to think or act in an organized manner but could/will move territories if they lose the reasons to stay.

Also, what if the Orcs settled down and made peace? Grew in power and worked with the farmer until a crossing of species begins? Grows into a powerbase that gains a ruler or breaks off from the previous authority claiming it?

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