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Monday, October 10, 2011

Building A Better Character (Player Tip)

Define truer interests than “good” and “evil”. Consider
  • Nationalism
  • Money (Economics)
  • Religion
  • Social Influence (and ties)
  • Survival
  • Fame / Reputation
  • Personal Achievement
Having a good and realistic motive to play is important because it adds credibility to your character.  Morvaenians don’t attack Arduinians because they are “evil” but because they want to the control the nexus and its resources (Economics/Fame/Social Influence).  Marmachandians consider the world theirs to toy with because they have been raised to believe it is so (Religion/Nationalism).  Kill kittens don’t eat travelers due to “evil” either but because they are hungry (Survival) or territorial (Social Influence). 

Knowing and having such interests and motivations make a world “real”, more immersive, and helps to define character roles in society. Jaina doesn’t rid the Endless Green grasslands of the Chuumbrauls plaguing it because he is good but because he feels he must defend his home (Nationalism) or impress his family (personal achievement/fame/reputation).

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