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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Backlash Whip (Spell)

Preq: APT 22, MA 20, Exp Arcanalogy, Overchannel [Channel]
Mana: see below C: see below F: see below
Range: 50 M: None Area: see below
TD: see below Duration: see below
An odd spell that is teamed with another spell of OP 3 or less. The backlash whip spell purposes seeks to cause the other spell to catastrophically fail while transfering the results of the fumble to the target instead. A dangerous spell, the caster must roll naturally on the dice without either rolling a fumble or a critical success, using the values for the teamed spell. If they succeed and still pierce their target's MD, they transfer the effects of a Z-level Channel fumble with the teamed spell on the target. For the purposes of this spell, any critical bonus you have that would normally better the critical chance of the teamed spell is worsened instead, broading the range of success. If you do roll a critical or fumble with the dice you suffer an A-level Channel fumble instead.

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