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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Star Hawks

The brilliant blue stars that make up the constellation of the Night Hawk represent these mythic beings. While recent tales say Skirin set these stars as guardians of Khaas after the Interstellar Wars, they are far older than this time. Earlier myths say they roamed the solar oceans when Khaas had brothers in the ocean of night (intact system planets, which would place the myth somewhere around the dominion of the Kthoi or closely thereafter), wrestling with Star Dragons, Star Spyders, and Moon Coils. They have played numerous parts in the long history of Khaas, such as supposed destroyers of life in the Failed Prophecies, as war birds and heralds for the Szinkiuin, and many others. Most often, they are described as blazing hawks of harsh starlight, with brilliant glitters for eyes, and burning, void white feathers.

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