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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quartermass (Arduin City)

Quartermass was established after the Arduin Accords at a crossroads where old paths from the past and new ones built by the feet of inhabitants and trade crossed. 

Originally it was a wild, sprawling town of wooden and earth buildings located two miles distant from where it currently sits. It gained royal attention when over 200 of its inhabitants died in a yearlong period of terror brought on by feral, winged wolves, led by what some think is a Lupogaunt. 

Crown espoused hunters and foresters led the mass hunt against terrorists and tracked them down to the shattered stone ruins and finally put an end to the nightmare. The new governor of the town, to appease the frightened inhabitants of her town, enlisted the services of a band of engineers, the Autulmoq, who had worked on the stonework of Talismond√© and other grand cities, to level the stone ruin. 

Guarded by the troops of the land they fulfilled this daunting task, using stone automatons for the labor. A year into the job, the crown further endorsed this work by ceding the land to the governor with the stipulation that she dwell in it for two score years. Daunted, but not willing to give up this boon, she did exactly thus and slowly encouraged those in the old town to move to this new location.

It was a twenty year process but the end result was a sound foundation and a crude, but working subterranean and open air sewage system. This was formed out of chambers deemed too deep or dangerous to fill and conduits formed afterward.

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